May 28, 2004
Girls assaulted at popular nightspot

Two Vincentian students received a scare while at a popular party spot in East St.George last Friday.
The two girls, students of Universities in Canada and Barbados were on the dance floor of the club when they were approached by a man who, according to them, said he wanted to dance. {{more}}
One of the young ladies wrote a letter to the club’s management in which she stated that “while dancing, two men came and tried to dance with me and my friends, and on numerous occasions, we refused, to the point where I had to push one of them to get him off me”.
The letter then went on to say, “at this point, he lifted his shirt in an effort to show that he was carrying a gun. By his words’ I have a piece’, I took this as a mere indication that he was indeed carrying a gun”.
The girls explained that they went to a Special Service Unit (SSU) Officer stationed at the club for security purposes, “After realizing the severity of these threats, I proceeded to inform the SSU Officer on duty, with the hope that he would act efficiently to eradicate this problem. However, much to my disgust, he blatantly refused to search for the root of the problem. He simply stood there. I am skeptical whether he actually was listening to me or not, since I gathered no response whatsoever from him”.
The girls say they then left the club but were again assaulted.
“We were left to venture to our vehicle alone, by which time the two men were outside beginning fresh assaults on me. This was the most upsetting aspect of the night, since one leaned up against the door of the jeep, blocking my passage. At this point he began brandishing a pocket knife at my face and neck and making derogatory remarks. At one point he said “I know you love to [perform fellatio]”, and grabbed my hand and proceeded to drag me to the back of the jeep and continued to make vulgar and inappropriate comments to us.
According to the young ladies, “This incident was totally uncalled for and could have been easily avoided if the SSU Officer had acted.
A copy of the letter was forwarded to the Police but no arrests have since been made.