May 21, 2004
Walters urges churches to be more proactive

Local churches have been called upon to add humanitarian functions onto their general functions.
This call was made by Minister of Social Development, Gender and Ecclesiastical Affairs, Selmon Walters, while addressing the handing over ceremony of clothing and toys, donated by Taiwanese Ambassador to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Elizabeth Chu.
Walters told persons gathered at the Embassy of the Republic of China on Taiwan on May 6th that in the past the churches’ role revolved around spiritual activities and “pointing men towards a better way”. {{more}}He added that there is a need for the church to add the development of human resources to its agenda.
“For too long many people believed that the development of any nation, of any people, is solely the role of the government,” he said.
He noted that while government is a body that has the responsibility for the nation, the church was “easily one of the most important organisations” for the development of human resources.
Minister Walters said many churches have been “pulling” their weight in the development of Vincentians by pioneering educational programmes, feeding the hungry, and clothing the disadvantaged.
He said that as minister with the responsibility for churches, he would like to see the church also pick up its armour and speak out against “that which is evil”. He reminded the attendees at the function of his concern for homosexual marriages occurring in this country.
“I am asking the churches to speak out against this evil; there has to be a voice against that which is evil,” he stated.