Stubbs’ residents voice concerns to PM Gonsalves
May 21, 2004
Stubbs’ residents voice concerns to PM Gonsalves

Residents of Stubbs have voiced several concerns to the Prime Minister during the tour dubbed, “Linking hands, hearts and voices.”
It was suggested that a police officer be placed at the Stubbs Government School during school hours to escort children safely across the road, as the pedestrian crossing is not in an ideal position, and this can be hazardous to children. {{more}}
Calls were also made for the Francois’ gap to be made one-way to traffic, which would allow commuters to only enter, since exiting is dangerous.
A request was made of the Prime Minister to assist in having the roof of the Stubbs Pre-School and Day Care Centre changed, as the current one is rapidly corroding.
Young persons called for programmes to be introduced that will spur life into the community again.
Persons who do not have access to pipe-borne water at the moment made request for pipes. Some of these persons, who do not hold title deeds for the property they’re on, are unable to get access to water as a result. They appealed to the Prime Minister to have the matter looked into.
Requests were also made to have by-pass roads improved. It was disclosed that sometimes elderly persons living near by-pass roads encounter difficulty having ambulances come directly to their homes due to the roads’ poor conditions.
The Prime Minister promised to look into the proposals and indicated that he would be setting aside another day to visit some areas in Stubbs and Victoria Village which he was unable to attend to on this occasion.