May 21, 2004
Peace Corps teaching welding in Barrouallie

young persons from Barrouallie now have an opportunity to learn the art of welding and steel fabrication.
This programme is being coordinated and facilitated by the local Peace Corps organisa-tion in collaboration with the Ministry of Educa-tion.
The programme, officially launched on Thursday, May 13, at the Barrouallie Multi-Purpose Centre, includes instruction on welding, hands-on application and a small business component, and is being done in an effort to encourage productivity and small business development.
Parliamentary Representative Louis Straker praised the programme, noting that it teaches a productive life- long skill. He urged the participants to make maximum use of what they learn.
He noted that over the years there has been a decline in the number of skilled persons in the region and noted that the job markets require skilled professionals.
The Deputy Prime Minister also urged the participants to develop better work attitudes and encouraged them to make sacrifices in order to succeed.
St. Vincent and the Grenadines Assistant Peace Corps Director Cuthbert James expressed his support of the programme and his organisation’s willingness to develop the human resources in the community.
James added that efforts are being made to have the programme expanded to other rural districts.
He said, though, that, “The Peace Corps is not a funding agency.” Small funds are available to help community organisations create programmes of a productive nature.
Deputy Chief Educa-tion Officer Hugh Wyllie said such an initiative will assist communities tremendously in preparing themselves for the global market.
He urged participants to be disciplined and to hold a positive outlook on life.{{more}}
The Programme’s coordinator, Peace Corps volunteer Brian Lewandow-si, said the different components of the programme not only provide a life-long skill, but develop marketing and business approaches.
The programme runs Mondays – Thursdays from 3 – 6 p.m. Currently ten persons are involved in the training.