Bad neighbours
Millennial Musing
October 16, 2018
Bad neighbours

I wish today’s topic was deeply insightful and useful, but unfortunately, it is not. Today I will use my voice to complain about all the annoying things Vincentians do to provoke their neighbours.

Firstly, why are Vincentians obsessed with burning their garbage? Why in 2018, the year of our Lord do people still choose to burn their garbage instead of properly disposing it? I hear all sorts of bizarre excuses. For example, “it’s too much to throw away, better to burn it”, or “I don’t want people to get a hold of my old clothes”. The first excuse is plain ridiculous, you are saying that you have too much garbage for the garbage truck? Does that make any sense to you? The last one is particularly aggravating, because it is rooted in superstition; Vincentians believe that a person can do evil magic on you if they have a sample of your clothing. To quote the children, “anybody ah study you?”.

I’ve been back from university for three months and I’ve already experienced three burnings. I wish there was something I could do about it, but I am helpless. My mother is a terrible asthmatic and it was only a coincidence that she was not at home during those days. These people burn their garbage all day with no regard for their neighbours, especially those with breathing problems. Moreover, the objects that people burn can release toxins into the atmosphere contributing to pollution. I really wish burning in residential areas was illegal and enforced by the police.

A lesser evil is noise pollution. Don’t get me wrong, I love some good commess but I do not have the energy for it at two in the morning. The first time you hear your neighbour arguing is juicy, the 20th time is plain annoying. Don’t even get me started with the music players. Whether your music is gospel, dancehall or reggae, I do NOT want to hear it. Just because you love those songs does not mean I have to spend my entire Sunday listening to them. I will repeat, just because your music is gospel does not mean you have the right to play it for the entire neighbourhood to hear ALL DAY. Please respect my right to peace and quiet.

Finally, we have bamboo joint. I understand it’s a right of passage for Vincentian children, particularly the boys, but must it be so annoying? Every five minutes I have to listen out and make sure it was a bamboo and not a gun shot. Not to mention how dangerous the entire experience is. Just think about it – what could go wrong with letting children use pyrotechnics? Who needs eyebrows anyway?

I love my people, but, boy, can they be annoying. If you take one thing away from this column, it is to please stop burning your garbage. It is dangerous and a health hazard for your neighbours.