Time for us to rethink and think forward
October 25, 2019
Time for us to rethink and think forward

Message for the 40th Anniversary of Independence of SVG
from the Christian Pilgrim Faith

by Bishop Hamil Roban

The Bishop of the Christian Pilgrim Faith that was out lawed in 1912 and regained freedom to worship as a religious denomination on May 22, 1951 and incorporated by an Act of Parliament in March 2011, join together with the family of God to give thanks to Almighty God for 40 years away from direct political and economic rule of England, though England remained our head of state.

Let us remember that our archipelago was independent before England controlled us without our permission. We must remember too, that our leaders and people resisted British rule for many years and Chief Joseph Chatoyer lost his life in defence of our Independence, and not only that our Garifuna people were exiled who are in Honduras, Belize Guatemala and elsewhere.

We cannot forget the late George McIntosh, ET Joshua and Milton Cato who led us into independence. We must also give thanks for Sir James Mitchell for his 16 years of service as Prime Minister, the honourable Arnhim Eustace for his short time and Dr the Honourable Ralph Gonsalves for his current service.

This is the time for us to rethink and think forward. We see where we came from. To get where we are going, we have to unify ourselves and chart a collective future for our nation and this can only be done by the collective movement for National Unity.

How good and how pleasant it is for brothers and sisters to dwell together in unity Psalm 133:1

Happy 40th independence anniversary SVG.