April 5, 2007
‘Bring God back into control’


St. Vincent & the Grenadines Christian Council 2007 Easter Message

We celebrate the resurrection in the midst of a hostile global environment, where little or no regard is given to particular situations with the stress on the Westernization of the world. The focus is on free trade rather than on fair trade, the legalizing or adopting of first world cultural practices, striving to rid the world of terrorism rather than seeking to find out “why terrorism?” Half-truths, dishonesty and corruption in high and low places, both in public offices and private Corporations throughout the world abound. Legalizing of homosexuality and same sex unions amidst the high rate of dysfunctional marriages and families, the threat of HIV/AIDS to human existence with major efforts, apparently focused on economic and social concerns take precedence over the spiritual, the moral and the will.{{more}}

These have caused many to develop their own plans and strategies to save the world. There are self-made and self-proclaimed “Messiahs”, for “it seems as though the evil one has gained a greater sense of prominence.” Therefore, there are great efforts to redeem the world and bring God back into control; but Easter reminds us that God did not send a Christian, a Bishop, a Priest, a Pastor, a Strategist, a Government nor a Mighty Nation to save the world, No! No! No!———- God sent His Son to save the world.

When all appeared lost and God seemed to have been obliterated as Jesus hung on the cross, they said to Him “if you are the Son of God save yourself and us, come down now from the cross.” But Jesus was faithful to God in the midst of all the pain and suffering. As St. Paul informs us “God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself.” The Easter message is that nothing can ever separate us from God, no matter how dark it may seem, no matter how impossible it may seem. God’s way always triumphs for He is always in control. Yes, even in the midst of one dying from HIV/AIDS, even in the centre of a “terrorist attack” or an act of war where many lives are destroyed, even in a family where relationships have broken down, even in a family where there is unemployment, even in a country polarized by political patronage. Easter reminds us that God is in our midst and in control.

Those who believe in him are called to participate in His mission to the world, by being in the midst of it all. For example, by encouraging people to use their sexuality as God intended, providing care and counsel and to those who fall short and those who are infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS; and to be present with those who are on their journey from life to death. It is to be present there, in the midst of the challenges, problems, pain and suffering of the world, as witnesses of our Risen Lord, as bearers of hope, righteousness, justice, peace and reconciliation. God did not send a Christian, a Bishop, a Priest, a Pastor, a Strategist, a Government nor a Mighty Nation, to save the world, He sent His Son. Easter calls us to believe in resurrection; the Risen Lord and the Salvation wrought through Him. It is the Risen Lord who redeems, and will save the world. Alleluia! Alleluia!

The R’t Rev’d C. Leopold Friday,
Bishop Robert Rivas,O.P.
Rev. Victor H. Job
Major Herny King