Righteousness exalteth a nation
October 26, 2006

Righteousness exalteth a nation

by BISHOP SONNY E. WILLIAMS – Presiding Bishop, Penticostal Assemblies of The West Indies (SVG District)

Ask not “Way the government doing?” but “Way me could do fo me country”.

Independence presents important moments for reflection. As we celebrate our 27th Independence, let’s reflect on this so often asked question: “Way the government doing?” This reflection is by no means geared toward excusing the government of its role and responsibility towards national development. It is a brief attempt to show how we all in small ways can significantly contribute to nation building. {{more}}

What can I do to assist in the reduction of the escalating wave of crime and violence? My cell phone can become the most effective weapon in fighting crime. I can report to the police suspicious movement in my community, such as drug trafficking activities and courageously step forward to give evidence when I witness or have information of a crime. In this regard, I can become a partner with the police in fighting crime.

What can I do to clean up and beautify my community? How can I reverse the growing menace of many village roads being reduced to one way due to overhanging vegetation? The life of many roads are drastically shortened, due to our often indiscriminate practice of storing building materials and the dumping of garbage in the drains. I can begin with assuming the responsibility for the care of the sidewalk, drain and road on the side bordering my property.

What can I do to reduce the growing spread of HIV/AIDS in my community? To begin with I can seek a clearer knowledge of the basis of HIV/AIDS. This will undoubtedly alleviate the unfounded fears and erase many of the myths of the transmission of this disease.

Consequently I will avoid any attempt towards stigmatization and discrimination of persons infected or affected by this disease. The contracting of HIV/AIDS for the most part boils down to our choices and therefore I can practice abstinence or be faithful to my partner. Those who have been scared by this condition, I can reach out to those who have been affected by this disease, in compassionate, sacrificial and practical ways.

What can I do to change the poor work attitude and ethics that permeate our work force. I can begin with me, by seeking to become a diligent and honest worker. To accomplish this I can begin to develop a new perspective on work and a love for work. The love of work is the secret to personal and national progress, productivity and fulfillment because work encourages the release of potential. Be a good worker, not a good job keeper. This paradigm shift in attitude requires that we begin to see work as a blessing, not punishment.

May I say more about what I can do for my country. Let us see ourselves as important cogs in the wheels of national development. St Vincent and the Grenadines needs all of us, those at home and in the Diaspora. Our country needs our potential. We are more than election tools who are called upon every five years to merely vote and be counted.

The Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies pronounces God’s blessing on the nation on its 27th Anniversary of National Independence. We want to remind the nation that: “Righteousness exalteth a nation but sin is a reproach to any people” (Proverbs 14:34). The choice is ours. We can be that active participant in the lifting of our nation or we can choose to bring it to reproach. It’s your choice.