Our education system is evolving as a strong, powerful force
October 26, 2006

Our education system is evolving as a strong, powerful force

Independence Message from Hon. Girlyn Miguel, Minister of Education

As we celebrate 27 years of Independence from Colonialism, our small island nation continues to shape the destiny of our people by focusing on their educational development. Indeed, Education in St Vincent and the Grenadines has been significant in breaking down many social barriers, raising the standard of living of our citizens and allowing more and more of our young people to be optimistic about their future.

In a developing nation like ours, education provides the foundation, not only for our economic growth, but also helps

to strengthen our democracy.{{more}}

Hairoun, our fair and blessed isle, continues to inculcate in our citizens the need for an appreciation of sound moral values, as well as a genuine appreciation for hard work, discipline, tolerance and goodwill among its citizens.

Our education system is evolving as a strong and powerful force where we have learnt from the past and have forged ahead to build a nation that is proud, determined to strive for academic excellence, as well as to be competitive in all spheres of life.

We know that with globalization and the rapid pace of development, our system must engender in all citizens a new confidence in themselves and give them the skills to surmount the many challenges that will confront them. We must transform thinking, be problem solving, grapple with new technologies in our schools, and provide resources for our students to realize their fullest potential.

As Minister of Education, I am charged by the government to modernize our system, while ensuring that common sense, discipline, commitment and responsiveness to change prevail. The groundwork has now been laid in our new education legislation, the constitutional reforms and the rapid expansion in schools. The government is totally committed to providing world class education to our citizens.

Let us join with our nation, in showing that our struggle throughout the last 27 years was well worth the effort and that each one of us is committed to building a nation of which we can all be proud.

May God bless you.