‘Make this nation a great example for others to follow’
October 26, 2006

‘Make this nation a great example for others to follow’

Message from His Excellency Sir Frederick N. Ballantyne, G.C.M.G., MD, Governor-General of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to mark the 27th anniversary of Independence.

On this our 27th Anniversary of Independence, I appeal to you not to forget the struggles of our forefathers who fought diligently against extreme adversity to guarantee freedom for us and our offspring.

Also, we need to constantly remind ourselves and our children about the tenets on which this nation was built – freedom, peace, justice and equality for all.

Let us take time to celebrate the many achievements and gains we have made over the past 27 years. Not forgetting to critically examine ways in which all of us could have done better to improve our beloved nation. {{more}}

Again we need to dedicate ourselves to increase the fight against poverty and illiteracy which continue to plague us. Times are hard and the economists warn us that things might get worse before they get better.

But we are a proud, strong and focused people and would do everything in our power to make this nation of ours a great example for others to follow.

Let me take this opportunity on behalf of my family and I to wish you all a happy incident free Anniversary and may God continue to bless

us all.