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PSCS was born out of a request for typing lessons

PSCS was born out of a request for typing lessons
Camille Crichton, head of Professional Secretarial and Consultancy Services

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Professional Secretarial and Consultancy Services (PSCS) has trained many persons, allowing them to improve in their various professions.

The secretarial services business, apart from serving the needs of customers in areas including office management; secretarial, training and paralegal services; and association management, also provides training in secretarial services.

Head of the organisation Camille Crichton said that the school was started when someone asked her to teach them how to type.

“So I added that to my business and that is how the school started,” Crichton explained, while noting that she started teaching typing in an informal way and also helped persons with English.

The school was formally opened in 1990 and at that point, PSCS began offering a full-time program preparing students for exams at the CXC level in office administration and other secretarial and business studies.

“People who were in their fields already came back to get their qualifications. They came to learn about business”, said Crichton who boasts of putting out professionals who are involved in banking, senior positions in government, teaching, nursing and medicine.

“Persons used our school as a stepping stone to continue climbing the ladder. Over 2000 persons have come out of our school,” said Crichton.

She noted that the school is currently on hiatus as they are going through the accreditation process. Crichton has already been trained as a Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) and National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) assessor.