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Professional Secretarial Consultancy Services marks 30 years

Professional Secretarial Consultancy Services  marks 30 years
Camille Crichton, owner of Professional Secretarial Consultancy Services (PSCS).

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Hard work, dedication, professionalism, belief in one’s self and most of all, belief in God, is what has sustained Professional Secretarial Consultancy Services (PSCS), a locally owned business operated by Camille Crichton.

Crichton started her business on May 1, 1989 in an effort to satisfy a demand for typing services here. The business is now celebrating its 30th year in operation.

Crichton explained to SEARCHLIGHT that she was determined to succeed because she was once told by someone who was close to her, after they fell out, that she would be a failure in life.

So, with the aim to prove that person wrong, Crichton set out to make an impact and so she did, amassing over the years, a clientele that vouches for the effectiveness of her business.

Located in the Coreas Building on Halifax Street with six staff members, PSCS offers secretarial services and boasts of being able to provide among other things, office management; secretarial, training and paralegal services; and association management.

“I started with one person at the Blue Caribbean Building. It was typing, faxing and copying for local businesses and I attracted people who were accustomed to writing, so I brought a new dimension and professionalism where people started typing their documents until it reached to a point where the banks didn’t take hand written documents anymore,” Crichton explained.

The business woman considers herself a trendsetter, starting a business that was the first of its kind in SVG and she notes that while more persons have access to computers and are doing some of the same things she does, she has maintained a level of professionalism that can’t be beat.

“In business you have to be inventive and creative and over the years we have added services that ensure our sustainability.

“When persons come and ask for certain things we don’t do, we never turn them away. We do our research and add it. We never limit ourselves here,” noted Crichton.

She encourages business owners to maintain proper accounting and reporting practices while embracing proper time management.

“Go to work on time, follow procedures and that will make you productive and it is very important. Be committed. I went to work one day when I could not even talk, and I went and did the work and those are things that make you strong and successful. Sometimes in the early days, I would wonder how I would pay staff and then a job would come in. Life ain’t easy but you have to continue and push on,” Crichton said.

She said persons who use her services can rest assured that their business will remain confidential and they will always be greeted by great customer service and highly trained workers.

“We try to customize services to suit each person. We are a one stop shop and once you come in here even though we can’t always do what you want on the spot, we source it for you,” Crichton explained while adding that her staff also helps with the various visa application processes.

She added that she is hoping that her business continues to grow as she thinks of ways of widening the services PSCS offers.

PSCS was voted as the best Secretarial Services in the Best of SVG 2017 awards.