Court Date Set For Woman Charged With Wounding Student
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April 16, 2018
Court Date Set For Woman Charged With Wounding Student

Tensions between two young women still seemingly remain two weeks after one allegedly split the lip of the other, but the matter will not be canvassed in court until July.

Chante James, unemployed of Old Montrose, was charged on March 29 with wounding Sakiana John of Lowmans Leeward, a student of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College (SVGCC), on March 28.

James and John had allegedly been involved in an altercation in Paul’s Avenue, which resulted in John’s bottom lip being sliced in two. The gravity of the Community College student’s injury was shown in a photo circulated on social media, in which John’s lip is split, the wound extending to her chin. John had reportedly received stitches to repair the damage to her lip.

When John and James appeared in court for their court date yesterday, which had been scheduled to accommodate John’s school schedule, James glanced at John out of the corner of her eyes when she walked into the court room.

Prosecutor Corlene Samuel advised senior magistrate Rickie Burnett that she would need to seek an adjournment in the matter, and that it would not be possible for the matter to move forward on that day.

Some debate took place on the new date for court, a date being set at the beginning of May to start with. However, due to an effort to avoid disrupting John’s schooling, a date in July was set.

Observing a displeased facial expression by John, the prosecutor asked what the problem was. John replied that the date was ‘too far’. However, she was unable to provide another date for court and July 2 will be their next court appearance.

Both parties left the courtroom almost simultaneously, with their respective supporters.