Man Goes Mobile With Food Business
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February 16, 2018
Man Goes Mobile With Food Business

You may have seen him, decked in white, walking around Kingstown, holding a tray from which he peddles his snacks.

But while this may seem as a simple hustle to some persons, for Edinboro resident Osbourne Brudy, it’s a way of life, a religion.

Brudy, a past student of the Bishop College’s Kingstown (BCK), could have taken the road that many of his fellow villagers took, that of drugs, guns and violence, but instead, the 27-year-old jumped into the family business.

“I raise up under a hustling religion; most of my family into food, so I went into it too. You have to work hard to achieve what you want,” Brudy told SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday.

The young entrepreneur sells 10 different items from his tray, among them pizza, patties, bakes and saltfish, chicken sandwiches, saltfish rolls, sausage rolls and ham sandwiches. Each snack, which can range in price from EC$5 to EC$10, is complemented with a type of sweet treat.

Brudy is the mobile component of a team, which also includes his aunt’s business, called Mona’s, a food establishment at the Cruise Ship and Ferry Terminal.

Brudy explained that he decided to go mobile last June.

“I used to work with my aunt on and off, so because of my knowledge of Kingstown, I told her I would expand the business and promote her with it one time,” explained Brudy, who walks the length and breadth of Kingstown daily and has become a well-known face to persons looking for a quick snack.

“I go everywhere about town. I have regular customers,” boasted Brudy on Tuesday, adding that he does deliveries and may be contacted on telephone numbers 527-6725 and 430-2042.

The dedicated food man also has a word of advice for the youngsters: “I think the youths can look for ways to employ themselves. I don’t like the making trouble thing. I advised my friends to work and I help them search for work, but they can think of ways to help themselves also.”

In relation to his snacks, Brudy said he won’t say that he is the best food vendor in Kingstown, but what he would say is that he offers service with a smile.

“Everybody have their choices, but I try to be pleasing to everybody and professional,” said the young businessman.(LC)