St Lucian trio jailed on theft, conspiracy charges
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January 16, 2018
St Lucian trio jailed on theft, conspiracy charges

For a long time, freedom will not be on the cards for three St Lucians sentenced this week to jail time for multiple charges of theft, conspiracy and holding criminal property, including 125 ATM cards.

Jammy Harry and Mario Chitole are charged with, between them, 21 offences of theft, wherein amounts ranging from $40 to $2,000 (the most popular sum), were acquired from various automatic teller machines (ATMs) in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) on March 10, 11 and 12, 2017.

Aaron Kadoo, the third individual, is charged, along with Harry and Chitole, that they did agree on a course of conduct (theft), between the dates March 9 and 12, that was contrary to the Criminal Code. Kadoo and Harry are further charged with being in possession of 121 and four ATM cards respectively, for the use in the course of theft, in Kingstown, on March 12. Kadoo and Harry are also charged with having in their possession criminal property of $66,660 and $4,250 also on March 12 in Kingstown, contrary to the Proceeds of Crime Act.

The three, having pleaded guilty to all offences, were sentenced before the Serious Offences Court last Wednesday, a month after they were originally slotted to be sentenced on December 6, during which time they have been remanded in custody.

For the possession of criminal property amounting to $4,250 found on his person, Harry was sentenced to 18 months in jail. This was the longest prison term handed down to Harry, who had also been assigned lesser terms for his other offences. All sentences running concurrently, Harry will spend 18 months in jail.

Kadoo was next called to the stand, receiving two and a half years for his possession of $66,680 in criminal property. Following this, Chitole received 18 months for entering into an arrangement which he knew or suspected to facilitate the acquisition of criminal property.

The three were already remanded in custody since the offences occurred in March, 2017 and the time already spent is set to be deducted from the sentences.(KR)