Hungry man steals hamburger maker
Local Vibes
September 22, 2017
Hungry man steals hamburger maker

The keen observation skills of police constable Keisha Layne have worked against 23-year-old Jamal Carter.

Carter appeared at the Serious Offences Court on September 7, charged that on Wednesday, September 6, he stole a hamburger maker, the property of Ace Hardware, Bay Street.

Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias heard that PC Layne was walking on Bay Street near PH Veira & Company Limited when she observed Carter with a knapsack that looked “heavy” and requested a search.

On searching the bag, PC Layne found the hamburger maker and her investigations led to the discovery that the device had been stolen from Ace.

When he appeared in court, Carter pleaded guilty to stealing the hamburger maker. In pleading for leniency, he said he has lived on the streets almost all his life, as his mother left him alone at an early age.

When questioned as to why he stole the hamburger maker, Carter said he was hungry. When asked if he had ever made a hamburger, Carter responded, “I never make hamburger in my life yet.”

In observing Carter’s antecedents, Browne-Matthias told the guilty man that he was not trying to change. She described his behaviour as “obnoxious” and sentenced him to nine months in prison.

“You will get food and shelter and maybe training in a skill,” the Chief Magistrate told Carter.

During the proceedings, PC Layne was commended for her “brilliant piece of police work and keen above average observation.”

As Carter sat in the courtroom, he appeared annoyed by laughter in the court as a result of another trial and commented, “Aryo in here laughing; you ain’t know I go like kill all aryo?”