Subway: Sandwich Redefined
Local Vibes
August 4, 2017
Subway: Sandwich Redefined

Forget your dictionary’s definition of ‘sandwich’. At this international franchise, a sandwich is an original work of art, conceptualized by the customer and brought to life by very capable frontline staff, appropriately called sandwich artists.

Imagine a foot-long steak with extra roast beef and teriyaki? Done! Russelle Williams, sandwich artist at Subway SVG for the past five years, considers this the most memorable order she has ever received. “The person said they were rather hungry and they wanted everything doubled. Trying to get it closed was the problem. Because I’ve been doing this for so long, I know exactly how much veggies to pack in the sandwich to make it close with all that meat.”

Voted Best Sandwich Shop in the Best of SVG 2017 awards, the global chain has a distinct local flavour, according to management. “One of the good things about Subway St Vincent is that most of our vegetables, we collect locally. We utilize local farmers and ensure that the product that they give us is fresh” said Operations manager Vance Garraway.

General manager Michael Huet added that Subway brings something unique to Vincy restaurant culture. “Subway is recognized worldwide as the best sandwich making franchise, but in St Vincent, what we provide besides the product is a very spacious, clean environment, opening hours that are very convenient, considering that town is closed by 4:30, while we stay open until 10. We provide the good food, we provide the good service. You know what to expect day in, day out.”

The Huet/Garraway management team has been in place at Subway for less than a year. Garraway observed that Subway’s well-known motto, ‘Eat Fresh’, is not simply a catch phrase, but a core value that is taken very seriously by all members of the Subway team. “The guys at the warehouse are prepping the vegetables; everything is being done towards the standards that Subway provided. From the bread, right down to the sauce maintains that standard of being fresh. Customers come in, they see the bread is being baked in the oven, they see the cookies being baked in the oven… Nothing is being done in the back, coming pre-wrapped to them, everything is being opened up to the customer, and they make a choice of what they want on their sandwich, keeping the motto of “Eat Fresh”.

Huet emphasized one important factor that sets Subway apart from other establishments in the local food and beverage industry – a low turnover of staff. “I’ve been a customer at Subway SVG for the last three years, and one thing I’ve noticed as a customer is the fact that the staff at Subway, versus most restaurants – and I go to all the restaurants all the time – the staff has been here for a long time. The fact that the staff is staying around for a long time ensures that standards are maintained. That’s the major secret of the success.” Asked if he was sure he wanted to share the secret, Huet replied, “You know what, we are not afraid. We want to let the restaurant business know and thrive, because everybody would benefit. Keep your staff happy, keep them sticking around and everybody benefits.”

Subway SVG was established on August 5, 2010, with the opening of the uptown location, while the downtown branch began operations two years later, on October 12, 2012. In celebration of the 7th anniversary, Subway will be offering BOGO to its customers on August 5. Those who purchase a 6-inch sandwich with a 21-ounce drink can get a second 6-inch of equal or lesser value for free. It’s the perfect opportunity for fans of sandwich art to indulge…