Mexican ambassador pays visit to SVG
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June 13, 2017
Mexican ambassador pays visit to SVG

The Ambassador of Mexico to the Eastern Caribbean States, H.E. Luís Manuel López Moreno visited Saint Vincent and the Grenadines on Monday.

During his visit, the Ambassador met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Commerce, Sir Louis Straker, and visited the Cumberland-Spring Village Bridges Reconstruction and River Embankment Protection Project.

During the meeting with Minister Straker, the Ambassador addressed some key aspects of the bilateral relations between our two countries. Some of the most noteworthy are the scholarships and subsidized education that Mexico is offering to interested Vincentian students, as well as the possibility of other cooperation projects to increase the technical and scientific capacity of the country in certain specialized areas.

The Ambassador visited the Bridges Reconstruction and River Embankment Protection Project to review the work and progress. This project is financed by the Government of Mexico (through the Infrastructure Fund for Mesoamerica and the Caribbean) with a grant of $5 million USD ($13.5 EC), as part of its increasing ties of friendship with the countries of the Eastern Caribbean. The project is part of the south-south cooperation (cooperation between developing countries) that Mexico promotes with its neighbours of the Greater Caribbean as a fundamental investment in our joint development.

The construction of the project began in October 2016 and it is expected to be completed at the end of 2017. The latest progress includes the completion of the bypass bridge earlier this year and the near completion of the embankment walls. The main work now focuses on the embankment protection between the bypass bridge and the main bridge, in addition to the upstream and downstream wing walls of the main bridge.

The Ambassador also visited to bid farewell to the Minister and the country, as he has been appointed Ambassador of Mexico to Guatemala, after three years serving in the Eastern Caribbean.

The Embassy of Mexico to the Eastern Caribbean States is located in Saint Lucia. For further information, please email: