Burgin offers special taxi service
Local Vibes
June 2, 2017
Burgin offers special taxi service

Arrington Burgin, through his Access Point Transport System­­, is offering a “special” taxi service.

Fitted with a hydraulic platform and ramp, the Nissan van caters to anyone who uses a wheelchair to get around.

Burgin, a resident of Belair, who is heavily involved in sports, explained that he saw the need for such a service, which did not exist in St Vincent and the Grenadines until now.

“Over the years I have seen patients after leaving the hospital, nursing homes or after attending physical therapy, having to use the regular type of transport, so I went about and sourced one,” Burgin explained.

Burgin, however, noted that apart from the “special service”, his van can also operate as a “normal” taxi.