Upcoming soca artistes form duo
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March 7, 2017
Upcoming soca artistes form duo

Following a successful carnival season in 2016 with their popular soca songs ‘Malice’ and ‘Wuk Him Out’ Claydon ‘Dymez’ Roache and Elrico ‘daPixel’ Hunte have decided to become a duo.

The two collaborated in 2016 on ‘Wuk Him Out’ which received much rotation in the music world along with Roache’s ‘Malice/Leggo the feelings’.

Roache told SEARCHLIGHT last week, that this year, the duo is focused on pushing their image.

“This year we placed more emphasis on our materials, we have built solid songs that can appeal to all audiences. We have materials for all to appreciate. We have always been a team as Dymez and daPixel but we have officially decided to make Dymez x daPixel a soca duo brand… as we like to call, it the young kings of the generation.”

Roache and Hunte have been friends since they attended the St Vincent Grammar School and so, coupled with their working history and chemistry in music becoming a musical duo was inevitable.

“We pen our work together, we practice and rehearse together and even as solo artists , people still book us as Dymez and daPixel regardless if it is only one of us. So we took it as faith calling,” said Roache.

The duo belongs to a brand called Island Shak Entertainment (ISE), which they describe as a “musical powerhouse” that does Graphic Designing, Photography, Videography, Production, and Writing and are currently working on Artist development. Thus, according to Roache, the group saw it fit to make the move.

He further informed SEARCHLIGHT that all 2017 releases would now be under ‘Dymez x daPixel’, and reassured fans that both artists share the same vision so the message they deliver would remain the same.

They intend to make their first release on March 27, a groovy single called ‘ISSUE’.

The duo can be contacted by Dymez784 or Countdapixelz on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail and Twitter or Islandshakent@gmail.com.(AS)