Local Vibes
July 4, 2014
Coreas sponsors three major Monday T-shirt bands

When carnival revellers take to the streets next Monday, products from Coreas Hazells Inc will power three of the major street bands.{{more}}

Esworth Roberts, head of Marketing of Coreas Hazells told the media on Tuesday that the Coreas, has partnered with T-shirt bands from Mustique Company and The Network, along with J’Ouvert band ‘Country Meets Town,’ through its products Heineken, Carib Beer and Stag Stout, along with its premium liquor brands.

Roberts said that the collaboration with the Mustique Company is an ongoing partnership, which has spawned the Heineken Mustique Green Machine, which he says is one of the leading T-shirt bands in the country.

“We at Coreas Hazells Inc are quite proud of the high standard of organizing by which this band is known, and the quality entertainment and clean fun which our patrons enjoy annually. The invitation is open for you to experience what we are offering for the 2014 Heineken Mustique Green Machine the ultimate Carnival Monday road jam.”

Roberts stated that the professionalism witnessed in the organizers of The Network T-shirt band prompted his company to come on board with the young organization for its 2014 production of “We Bad So.”

He said that he is confident that the band would present another Carnival band of excellence his year, and stands firmly behind the team led by Stacy and Collin Balcombe, through its Carib brand.

“Country Meets Town is a name well known throughout St Vincent and The Grenadines. This is as a result of hard work and strong marketing,” Roberts said of the J’Ouvert band.

“Coreas Hazells Inc was a sponsor of their 2013 production and we have agreed to repeat our sponsorship through the Stag brand.”

Roberts also hailed the group, led by Carlos James, for its humanitarian work, pointing out that some proceeds from their 2014 presentation of “Hott Pink” will be donated to the local cancer society.

Each of the groups offers Carnival packs, which include, among other items, T-shirts, shorts, drinks bottles and vouchers, and in the case of Country Meets Town, body paint.

Other Carnival groups being sponsored by Coreas Hazells Inc, Roberts pointed out, include Tribes Mas Band, Nelson Bloc, and SVG Players, among others.

The bands, represented by Shaunelle McKenzie, Stacy Balcombe and Carlos James respectively, all thanked Coreas Hazells Inc for its contribution to their contribution to Vincy Mas, and all promised to give patrons the best experience on Carnival Monday.(JJ)