Cameron making  it in music industry
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February 28, 2014

Cameron making it in music industry

While most songs from local artistes are played in the carnival season, Cameron (the only name he uses) aspires to make music that can touch all types of individuals, no matter the time of the year.{{more}}

Vincentian-born, Cameron visited SEARCHLIGHT this week, to share his passion for music and how he has transitioned from being just a middle-man for artistes on an international scale, to a performer himself.

Having grown up in a musical family, Cameron has always been interested in music. Although he began to fuel this interest at a young age, the shy boy only shared his talent with friends and family.

“I started playing around with writing and so forth, but I only shared it with friends and family. It didn’t go anywhere else. It took me a lot of years after,” he told SEARCHLIGHT.

Following completion of his secondary education at the North Union Secondary School, Cameron migrated to the United States and attended several tertiary institutions, one of which was Boston College, where he obtained a degree in music.

It was during this time that the talented Vincentian formed Blackroots Promotions, a promotional and marketing company.

“The reason why I formed Blackroots Promotions was to help upcoming artistes to get their music out there. There is so much talent around the Caribbean. You always hear about the popular guys; you never hear about the underdogs, so I was the middle man for those underdogs,” Cameron said.

In his interview with SEARCHLIGHT, Cameron explained that he was encouraged to start singing by Parry Jack, a Vincentian music producer, in 2009.

He said he was just easing back onto the music scene, after his wife died in 2006, leaving him with two young kids.

However, after some encouragement from his children, who recognized that “that’s my passion,” Cameron went for it.

Since then, he has put out various singles which, although not locally known, have done exceptionally well internationally.

These songs included “Don’t Be Afraid”, “Against the Wall” and “Body on Body.”

“The way I write, I don’t write locally in the sense of just to focus on the St Vincent market. I feel like music needs to transcend bigger than that,” Cameron said.

Although some of his biggest influences are local musical icons, Becket and Winston Soso, Cameron told SEARCHLIGHT that he liked experimenting with musical beats, whether it be techno or R&B.

Most recently, the Vincentian released “Eclipse” and “Encore,” as well as a remix of his 2012 song “Body on Body,” which he said has been widely accepted in places like Aruba, Africa, Sweden and England.

“I decided…let me build a little foundation with my fans who know my music here. I felt like now is the time to capitalize on my opportunity and spread my wings and make sure that my homeland appreciates good music and appreciate a son of their soil,” Cameron, who is visiting St Vincent for a while, told SEARCHLIGHT.

The musician also revealed that he is working on some new material.

“I have a song dedicated to St Vincent, my paradise, and I have two other tracks that I’m working on with Adrian Bailey and another with Parry Jack,” he said.

Persons can follow Cameron on twitter and instagram; mrenigmatic12 or like his facebook fan page: Cameron music. His songs can also be heard on YouTube.