Come let us lift up Jesus – Blucher
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January 31, 2014

Come let us lift up Jesus – Blucher

Celebrated gospel singer Bridgette Blucher has promised that the concert scheduled to take place tomorrow at the Diamond Deliverance Assembly site will be awesome.{{more}}

Blucher, speaking to SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday said that she is looking forward to the concert, which will feature a range of local performers, and raise funds for those affected by the Christmas Eve rains and floods.

“I’m excited. I’m thrilled… and I’m expecting wonderful things to happen on Saturday night. I’m expecting persons from north and south, and east and west to come together.

“We are expecting God to move mightily; we have some awesome folks who are great worshippers and we want everyone to come and lift up the name of Jesus,” Blucher said.

Performing with the Florida-based evangelist, who is originally from New Grounds, are local gospel artistes Fenton Harry and the Jesus Muzik Band, Curtis Waw, Ammishaddai, Stacy Little, former calypsonian Lenny Francois, and “Brother Mckie,” among others.

The event, hosted by Awesome Praise Promotions, would be held to raise funds for the storm hit individuals and families.

At the function, a special tent would be set aside for people wishing to donate food and clothing to the victims of the storm.

Blucher told SEARCHLIGHT that her church, All Nation Church of Port St Lucy Florida also came together to accumulate food, clothing and other essential items for people in distress.

She said that as a Vincentian living abroad, she was deeply saddened by what took place on December 24 and 25 last year.

“Personally, when I first got wind of what happened I was stunned because it was not a hurricane or a storm that folks were warned about,” Blucher said.

“For folks to be in their homes preparing for Christmas morning and to be hit like that, it just drives the wind out of you…. You could not eat or drink and enjoy yourself knowing that there were other families who were suffering. There were children who were washed away, people going home from work and never made it home. Families that were crushed after being tucked into bed; it was totally heart wrenching. Christmas was not the same at all.

“St Vincent and the Grenadines needs to let prayer be our umbrella again; prayer and praise need to be our umbrella one more time so we can be sheltered from the many attacks. We need to give God all access onto our land.”

Blucher said that she believes tomorrow’s concert could be a turning point in the lives of individuals and St Vincent and the Grenadines on a whole.

She said that people can expect to hear some of her older songs that they are familiar with, as well as songs from her two most recent albums “Step Aside” and “You Alone”.

The internationally acclaimed entertainer proposed that it was time for Vincentians to “turn on the searchlight” on their own lives, and search themselves and reach out to others.

“So let us hold fast and continue to ask God for his guidance and it is time for us to break barriers and come together.

“I know there’s also a celebration in the (Victoria) park; we have people who are secular folks and we have people who are Christians. Around this time we have to pull down the religious barriers and come together so that we can lift up the name of Jesus and thank God for what he has spared us from and to pray for those who are still going through… and who have been personally touched.

“Based on everything, no matter how people help us we have to realize that God is the only one who can deliver us from anything, and He is our source.”

Tomorrow’s concert is being sponsored by Vitamalt, Courts, NICE Radio, IK TV and Ben’s Auto, and tickets are available at Singer, Music Centre, Ferdie’s Footsteps, Aycess, and Valudrug.