Arabesque Dance Company “Class of 2013” dance production a success
Local Vibes
November 15, 2013

Arabesque Dance Company “Class of 2013” dance production a success

The 82 members of the Arabesque Dance Company “graduated” last weekend, with their presentation of the “Class of 2013” at the Methodist Church Hall.{{more}}

The show, which ran for two nights, November 8 and 9, saw the company’s dancers make 17 different presentations in groups of seniors, intermediates, juniors, peewees and toddlers.

The group’s co-founder and main choreographer Juanita Phillips did an excellent job with her packaging of each presentation. The choice of music, the vibrancy of the neatly made costumes and of course the creative dance moves, all came together in a wonderful presentation, much to the delight of an appreciative audience.

The first segment of the show was the “Graduands Procession” and included the presentations: “All the way up”, “Basil’s Bar – Check Please”, “Enchanted Garden”, “We Labour”, “Pets ‘N’ Medix Colour Whirl”, “The NLA’s Professional Secretarial Practice” and “Adams Office Centre’s Squeaky Clean”.

Next up was “Jobs that go un-noticed like the housewife in “Can’t live with him – Can’t love without him” and mothers in “God Sent”.

After the intermission, the audience was entertained by “ADC’s Pep Squad – Got Spunk”, “Francis and Miguel Investment Ahoy!”, “Court’s Abra Cadabra”, “LIME’s Vanity Flair”, “Balcombe’s Double Take”, “Salute”, “Courts – The Game of the People”, “Dancer – Dance First, Thank Later.”

The Arabesque Dance Company was founded in 2009 by Phillips and Mischa Smith DeRoche. “Class of 2013” marks the group’s sixth dance production.