Bajan dance troupe presents ‘Dance Mania: Body Rock’
Local Vibes
August 9, 2013

Bajan dance troupe presents ‘Dance Mania: Body Rock’

Winners of the Junior category of the 2012 Barbados Dance Fest, the St George Commanders, are expected to perform here in St Vincent and the Grenadines over the weekend.{{more}}

The dance troupe, which comprises 21 students of the St George Primary School, will perform their award-winning set tomorrow evening at TITO’s in Arnos Vale.

Oral Welshman, the groups’ artistic director and trainer, told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that St Vincent is their first stop, in what they hope to be a Caribbean tour.

They have been performing together for two years.

“So, the school, along with a committee, we raised funds for them to visit St Vincent [because] we would like to showcase what they could do.

“We like to encourage young people, children and adults and other dance groups to come out and see what kids can do.”

Welshman said that the expo, dubbed “Dance Mania: Body Rock”, will also feature local dance group La Gracia Dancers, as well as other guest performances.

The student group, which is made up of seven boys and 14 girls, will perform hip hop, street, and jazz routines, among others.

A one-day workshop was also conducted by the group yesterday.