Seven for Miss Bikini Babes
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July 26, 2013

Seven for Miss Bikini Babes

A new era of pageantry is brewing on the horizon.

Seven young ladies are slated to be a part of the first ever Miss Bikini Babes which will take place in Layou on July 27.{{more}}

Organizer of the show, Joanna Christopher, explained to SEARCHLIGHT that the show is one with a difference and is geared towards empowering women who may or may not have children.

“I’m trying to stray away from the usual pageantry that just passed our eyes. It’s just been Carnival and we’ve witnessed a number of queen shows, so I’m straying away from that. I’m giving the eyes something focal, lots of fun,” Christopher said about the show.

The categories include a judged introductory section where contestants will appear in tribal wear, two sections of swimwear and a new twist to evening wear, which entails lingerie.

“When I hear of an evening gown, I’m ready to sleep. This is what I see evening wear as,” said the creative pageant organizer. “It’s not a sex show, as some may think, because they hear of the negligee, but it’s bringing out charisma and beauty.”

As an esthetician, Christopher considers pageantry to be up her alley and hopes that the show will help women, and not just contestants, gain confidence and self-esteem in their natural beauty.

“Women, they represent beauty and we still have a lot of damsels going around where, ever so often we give up on ourselves just because of kids,” Christopher said. “Women on a whole, they think that they have a child that’s the end of the world. It’s embracing beauty whether or not you have a child.”

Teresa Gaymes, Sheena Bowens, Jozannie Roberts, Samantha Matthews, Laverne Providence, Olicia Hepburn and Jahkiesha Phillips are the seven delegates that will compete for the Miss Bikini Babes title.

Teresa Gaymes, a Layou resident, told SEARCHLIGHT that she entered the pageant to showcase her beauty. In her spare time, she enjoys “going mountain with my uncle” and spending time with her niece and nephews.

17-year-old Laverne Providence expressed a love for pageants, but has never had the courage to take part in one until recently.

“What do you have to hide? If you’re sexy, let them see,” she said confidently.

Describing herself as friendly and respectful, 19-year-old Sheena Bowens explained that gaining life experiences is her reason for entering Miss Bikini Babes.

Barrouallie resident Jozannie Roberts is the newest addition to the contestants. She loves swimming, dancing, singing and interacting with people.

Mother of three, Samantha Matthews wants to showcase that she is still very sexy, although she has children.

“I am a proud mother,” the 24-year-old fashionista said.

Miss Bikini Babes will take place at the Layou Hardcourt on Saturday, July 27 at 9 a.m.,for the low cost of EC$10.

Guest artistes including Keith Currency, Singing Kristy and Steadigan; DJ 20 and 2 Kool Kris are also expected to be in attendance.

Christopher and fellow organizer, Tika Robertson, are encouraging everyone to come and enjoy a pageant with a difference.