‘King’s Ball’ takes Sections of the Bands
Local Vibes
July 12, 2013

‘King’s Ball’ takes Sections of the Bands

Band of the Year SVG Players International gave an indication of things to come when they walked away with the Sections of the Bands title at the Steel and Glitter show held at Victoria Park on Friday, July 5.{{more}}

Players amassed a score of 582 points with the section “King’s Ball” from their 2013 presentation “Garifuna Story”.

Guinness Y de Lima Hitz FM 103.7 Blondie Bird and Friends came behind with 562 points with the section “Harrison’s Cave (Barbados)” from their presentation “Jewels of the Caribbean”.

Third, with 516 points was Owen Ralph and the Professionals with the section “Gold Rush” from their presentation “Shades of Colours”.

In fourth place was the section “Magical Fire Bird” from Digicel Carib Nelson Bloc’s presentation of “Legends of the Masquerade”. They amassed 503 points. Fifth was “Hell’s Gate” from “Trails and Nature of SVG” from Imagination Mas Band with 496 points.

The other bands appearing were: Beautex International, Hairoun Tribes Mas band, Melbourne Artisans, X-treme Fanatics, Metrocint General Insurance Co Ltd/The Vincentian Publishing Co in Association with Hairoun High Voltage Mas Production, Stag the News Dragons.

To top off the night, veteran band Touch, making a comeback as part of their 30th anniversary, belted out some of their oldie goldies, which had not only the more mature patrons grooving, but also some much younger ones.