Patrons disappointed with contestants’ performances
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June 4, 2013

Patrons disappointed with contestants’ performances

Even after the completion of performances by the contestants in the various categories of the Miss SVG 2013 pageant last Saturday night, patrons of the show seemed unable to identify a clear-cut winner.{{more}}

While awaiting the announcement of the judges’ decision, SEARCHLIGHT spoke to some persons in attendance at the Victoria Park, where the show was held.

“We don’t know or we can’t say”, were the most frequent responses.

For Nicole Ballantyne and her friends, who stood behind the barricade throughout most of the show, even as the rain fell, the contestants’ performances were not what they had expected.

“It was a bit disappointing. Compared to when they (contestants) made public appearances and speeches before the night of the pageant, it seemed as though it would have been a keenly contested show, but none of them really stood out as we thought they would,” said Ballantyne.

Although expressing general dissatisfaction with the presentations, the group of women shared the view that Miss Lotto Hannah Hamilton “had a good chance”.

Cherryann Smart, another patron who was cheering for Hamilton, said she also was not pleased with the performances.

“To choose a winner tonight, that’s a tight one.

“It’s a real hard, because while some did well in their talent, they messed up real bad in the interview section and there was not a section where there was not a poor performance by any of them.

“Anyway, I think Hamilton might win. I voting for her,” Smart added.

Zhinga Greaves and friends were also unable to give a definite response as to which contestant they thought would win.

Greaves’ five-member entourage, which included four females and one male, also expressed dissatisfaction with the contestants’ presentations.

“I can’t say who is going to win, because in my opinion none of them deserves the crown…” said one member of the group.

Colville Layne, the lone male of the group, said he was very uncertain, even after the interview segment.

Nichole Samuel stood close to the stage, throughout the entire show, decked out in four- inch heels, just to get a good view of the contestants.

According to Samuel, the sacrifice of having swollen feet after standing for several hours was not worth it.

“I am so not pleased with this year’s show.

“I didn’t plan to come in the first place, but nevertheless I came to show support, because I know they try their best, but based on what I saw, there was nothing captivating about this year’s pageant.

“The talents were not original, there were dresses this year that were not that appealing, and in general, not to say I am being too critical, I am just disappointed and I don’t know who would win,” she added.

The show was won by Shara George, Miss Mustique Company Ltd. First runner-up was Anna LaBorde Miss Metrocint General Insurance Company Ltd; second runner-up was Hannah Hamilton, Miss Lotto. The best interview award went to Miss Agricultural Input Warehouse Ann-Therese Chambers, while best in evening wear, best talent and best in swimwear were awarded to Shara George, Miss Super 6 Chenead Hackshaw and Anna LaBorde respectively.

After the announcement of the results, SEARCHLIGHT spoke with chairperson for the Beauty Shows committee, Cheryl Rodriguez, who expressed satisfaction with this year’s pageant.

“I think we had a great production and I think the results are well received,” Rodriguez told SEARCHLIGHT.

“Production wise, we had everything running smooth behind here.

“The rain fell a little, but that’s God’s work. I just thank God for another year and I want to congratulate all the girls. I think they put on a really good show tonight for the patrons.

“I hope they, the patrons, are really pleased,” she added. (AA)