Yo look better in yo Facebook pic – Fireman
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May 31, 2013

Yo look better in yo Facebook pic – Fireman

Former soca monarch Delroy “Fireman” Hooper has used something that occured in December of 2012 as the theme for one of his 2013 hits.{{more}}

“Yo look better in yo Facebook pic…” is the most recent of three songs released by the seven-time monarch.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT on Monday, the hyped entertainer said the idea for the song came after meeting a female with whom he was in communication on the social network, but had never met in person.

“We were chatting online for a very long time, but we never got to meet. So, I told her, ‘baby let’s meet one of these days’ and she said, ‘yes, yes, we could meet’. But when I met her in town, I passed straight.

“I passed her twice before she confronted me.

“She called my phone and said ‘Fire, you know you are to meet me and you done pass me and pass back’.

“So, I said baby is you I pass? You look better on your Facebook pic.”

Fire, as he is commonly referred to, says the song was not meant to be an insult, because at the time when he met the individual, her appearance was not what he had seen on her Facebook profile.

“The lady is my good friend up to today and as a matter of fact we’re better friends now.

“I told her I was going to write a song about that and she said no problem. She encouraged me to do it.”

Known for his hyped and jumpy songs, the LIME Soca Dans member explained that as a soca artiste sometimes there is a need to change the format of the songs released.

“Music is fun and I try to put the humour in music because I am not only catering for the jump up, jump up… If you jump up, jump up and don’t get a little laugh in between it’s not going to be fun for long. And in some cases may lead to violence.

“So, sometimes you have to be able to jump up to a little added humour,” he added.

Asked how he felt about the public’s response thus far concerning the song, Hooper said he is “quite satisfied.”

“Facebook is the biggest social network, so right away anything big works… Right?” he added in a joking manner.

Hopper said it took him 25 minutes to write the song, which has a length of 3 minutes and 33 seconds.

To date, Hooper has released three songs for Vincy Mas 2013: Whining Motion, Granny Whine and Facebook Pic.

Speaking generally of the season so far, the artiste said Vincy Mas 2013 is shaping up well. He also said he is pleased with the songs he has heard from other artistes.

He, however, encouraged radio stations to give each artiste a chance to have their songs played.

“To produce music is very hard work and a lot of artistes have different projects. I like all the music so far. Everybody paid to get their songs recorded and in my opinion everyone deserves a fair chance to have their songs heard,” Hooper further stated.

Last year, the artiste did not did not compete in the Soca Monarch competition after expressing dissatisfaction with the cash prize.

However, even after the announcement of an increase in cash prize and the addition of a car for this year’s Soca Monarch winner, Hooper is still tight-lipped about whether he will compete this year.

He, however, admitted that he likes the element of surprise.(AA)