Local Vibes
August 21, 2012
Young artiste’s heart set on becoming R&B star

Unlike some 15-year-old males, Fitzroy Creese has little time for X-Box gaming or other video games.{{more}}

He is focused on becoming a famous rhythm and blues (R&B) singer.

Going by the stage name “Fitz”, the young and talented artiste began his journey as a singer at age 12.

The artiste, a member of the group New Starzz, which placed second in the “Next Big Thing” singing competition, revealed that most of his free time away from school — the Campden Park Secondary — is spent writing music.

“I got into this game (singing) only two years ago and I’m loving it,” the young man told SEARCHLIGHT.

Although his songs hit the airwaves only a year ago, the public reception, Fitz said, has been “very good”.

To date, Fitz has two songs that are played on local radio.

The artiste has released two songs this summer: “Girl You Amaze Me” and “If Summer Was My Girlfriend”, which features local hip-hop artiste, Prez.

“Plans are to release more songs before the end of summer because I have a number of them written already and it’s just to record them,” he informed.

Fitz, inspired by American Grammy Award winning R&B singer Chris Brown, says he does not follow suit the singer’s way of life, but is inspired by his music.

“Whenever I listen to him, I get motivated and I begin writing,” he said.

Asked if he intends to focus on music as a fulltime career, Fitz said: “Of course.

“Right now I’m just focusing on my academics and upon completion of secondary school and college; I intend to divert full-time into my singing career.

“Come on, after all, Chris Brown’s my idol and looking at his achievement, that’s where I wanna be — with a positive image though,” Fitz added with a chuckle.

Already, the young singer has worked along with locally renowned music producer, Mark Cyrus.

He hopes to become a member of the C2W Music Ltd (Caribbean to World), a music publishing company launched here recently.

“I know I’m young and need to be guided in the right direction if I’m to be successful, so I’m making sure I follow the path of other successful artistes, registering with a publishing company such as C2W,” he said.

“I know that R&B is not the most favoured genre of music among my Vincentian people, but many people tell me they like what they hear and I’m even motivated to do more,” Fitz added.