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July 6, 2012
Out Ah Trouble bringing Avalanche for J’Ouvert

They painting the town white this J’Ouvert as the ‘Out ah Trouble’ Family in association with Exclusive Sounds present their 2012 presentation, Country meets Town – Avalanche: The Clean Ravin’ Edition.{{more}}

And the crew will also have their eyes set on taking the Best J’Ouvert Band title for the fourth consecutive year, says Carlos James, Manager of the band.

This year promises to be no different and patrons are being promised the J’Ouvert experience of a lifetime.

According to James, the concept of having a J’Ouvert band began in 2009.

“As a last minute thing, spilling over from the rural carnivals,” he explained.

He further explained that the crew had been charged with the responsibility of organizing the J’Ouvert aspect of the P’tani rural carnival, and so the idea came about to take the concept into Kingstown.

“And from that we started,” he said.

And according to James, the numbers have increased over the years.

“That shows what people have been seeing our presentations.”

The theme of the band has been ‘We are more than just a band, we educate while we entertain’ James explained.

“So yes we having fun, we had green paint, but at the same time we educating people of the environmental concept of going green,” James told SEARCHLIGHT.

The band’s 2011 presentation PURPLE also served as an acronym with the aim of educating people about preserving the environment, he continued.

He further explained that the idea is that even if it is one person who walks away with the positive message that is being sent, then the band has achieved its mission.

This year, the band is pushing white, particularly as the topic of the day revolves around climate change and patrons will receive paraphernalia which promotes the concept of climate change awareness.

But the band is also about providing clean entertainment at an affordable price and a venue where patrons can feel safe.

James boasted that in the three years since the band has been in existence, there have been no reports of incidents taking place, either in the pre-party or during the on-the-road jam.

He further contended that the organizers are not in the business to make a huge profit, but just making enough to cover expenses.

Therefore people can party at a price that they can afford, James said, adding that over the years, the price has remained at $25, and for this price, patrons will receive the usual J’Ouvert gear including body paint and unlimited drinks.

The pre-party lineup features Fr3sh Kydd, Fya Empress, Lively and Fimba and features a cast of top deejays in the land including Exclusive Sounds, DJ Q and DJ Tarrus.

But while they will be hoping to make it four in a row, James told SEARCHLIGHT that the ultimate objective was to ensure that the band’s name becomes a household name, and already they have been achieving this objective as patrons have been coming from all across the country and there are those living in the Diaspora who has been booking tickets online.

“When they think about J’ouvert, they should readily think about Country meet Town,” James said. (DD)