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September 9, 2011
Vincy recording artiste Marlon Roudette tops charts in Germany

Vincentian-bred recording artiste Marlon Roudette has achieved success with his first single ‘New Age’.{{more}} The song from his solo album ‘Matter Fixed’ has topped the charts in Germany.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT via e-mail, Roudette, who is also part of the UK duo Mattafix, explained his reaction to his solo hit New Age’s top spot on the music charts.

“It’s an indescribable feeling, really. When Mattafix topped the charts with ‘Big City Life’ I think we were too shocked to know how to react. Now I understand what it means and how difficult it is to achieve. Not everyone gets to reinvent themselves as a solo artist, so I feel privileged to have done so,” he said.

He added that it was also surprising the rate at which the song reached the top. “It’s not just surprising that it got to the top spot, but also the manner in which it did so. ‘New Age’ outsold the number 2 song by 66 per cent and topped the charts less than two weeks after it was aired on radio. I still can’t believe it!”

Roudette says that New Age, which he co-wrote with songwriter Guy Chambers, was inspired by a beautiful woman.

“New Age is about the day you realise there is life after losing someone. Sometimes as musicians we are guilty of portraying only the glamorous aspects of fame and success, without revealing the toll it can take on your personal life. I’ve made mistakes, but fortunately I have been able to write about them and New Age was born from personal experience,” he explained.

The video, which Roudette says was his directorial debut, was co-directed with German photographer Katja Kuhl.

“We had done some photo shoots before and I loved her (Kuhl’s) style. I wanted to find a way of putting as much of a personal touch to it as possible, so I scanned all of my pictures and personal videos as well as anything that meant something to me: birthday cards, written messages, and even my Vincy passport and a ten dollars! They all appear in the video as well as pictures of the Leeward coast and many of my friends. We filmed it in Berlin, in the same area where many former Nazis were imprisoned shortly after the war. Sometimes you go to places where you feel a part of history, and this was no exception. I really look forward to the next video,” Roudette said.

The video also features other aspects of Vincentian culture. One shot shows Roudette playing the Steel pan, and in another, the Vincentian flag is seen draped on a hat rack.

“Well, you done know I does always represent Vincy! Of course, it is so important to me. St. Vincent is always in my heart in everything I do,” Roudette said, adding that it took him the whole day of the video shoot to figure out how to incorporate the flag.

“My heritage is a big talking point for journalists and radio DJs, and they always ask me about my Caribbean influences. I am very honoured to spread the word about our beautiful little island, and I’m constantly encouraging people to visit,” Roudette said.

The support and encouragement from Vincentians, Roudette said, has strengthened him throughout his time in the music business.

“Knowing that fellow Vincentians are supporting me and wishing me well has been a constant source of strength for me in this business. We know good music, so when I was at home for Christmas and I got a good response from the demos, I knew I was good to go!”

Roudette is proud of his album Matter Fixed, stating that it is a diverse album, adding that there is some steel pan featured in the album. Most of the songs, Roudette said, were written while home in St. Vincent.

“It is definitely my finest hour, and I am so proud of it. So, hopefully, check it out soon – Marlon Roudette “Matter Fixed” coming to a van, rum shop, sketel car, Middle Street music stall, radio station, beach/river cook up near you!”

Roudette is the son of Vonnie Roudette, Lecturer in Art and Design at the Division of Art, Science and General Studies of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College.

Persons can visit Roudette’s website http://www.marlonroudette.com to take a look at the New Age video and for more information on the artist.