Finalists named for the 2011 Calypso competition
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June 21, 2011

Finalists named for the 2011 Calypso competition

Three former Calypso Monarchs make up the ten contenders who will be looking to dethrone the defending Monarch Bridgette ‘Joy-C’ Creese at the Calypso Finals on July 3.{{more}}

Carlos ‘Rejector’ Providence, winner in 1992 and 1996, Glenroy ‘Sulle’ Caesar, 1997 and 2005, and Elvis ‘Abijah’ Abbey, 2002, booked their passages at the Calypso Semi-Finals, which was held at the La Croix boxing plant last Friday, June 17.

Javelle ‘Lady Diamond’ Frank of the P’Tani Calypso tent will make her debut in the big yard and along with Elliot ‘Mystery’ Shallow, who made a return to the Calypso arena, are the two picks from the Valley.

Kingsley ‘Hero’ Roberts and the man from North Windward, Maxwell ‘Tajo’ Francis, have both had previous appearances in the finals and will be looking to give a good rendition on the night of the finals.

Roberts, Francis and Caesar are the three picks from the Graduates Calypso tent.

The other female and newcomer Kahalia ‘Queen B’ Beache of the Upstage Calypso tent will be looking to complement her ‘New Song Calypso’ title.

But she will have to put up a good battle against the likes of Shernelle ‘Skarpyon’ Williams who appeared in the 2008 Calypso Finals and Michael ‘Lord have Mercy’ Ollivierre, also from Upstage.

The Finals will be held at the Victoria Park. (DD)