Local Vibes
July 2, 2010
‘Skinny Fabulous’ ready to charge up Soca Monarch

With the most anticipated event on the Vincy Mas calendar just one day away, Carnival pundits are predicting this year’s Soca Monarch finals to be the most competitive ever.{{more}}

Though unable to forecast the eventual winner, the seers believe that defending monarch Gamal ‘Skinny Fabulous’ Doyle will have a mighty battle on his hands if he is to retain his title, after a year that has produced what they consider the best soca music in a long time.

The expectedly ‘Charged Up’ Doyle will be facing 17 worthy contenders at Carnival City Victoria Park in an effort to make it three in a row as the king of soca.

But the likes of six time monarch and newly crowned Ragga Soca champion Delroy ‘Fireman’ Hooper who will be rendering his song ‘Soca Battlefield’ and one time monarch Raeon ‘Maddzart’ Primus and his ‘King Road’ song are expected to do their best to stop him in his tracks.

The other credible opponents include Garet ‘Icon’ John (Saltfish), Shernelle ‘Skarpyon’ Williams (This is How), Shertz ‘Problem Child” James (Dellinquents), Bruce ‘Steadygan’ Vincent (Hut e Cut), Dennis Bowman (Play Yourself), Orlando ‘Syxx’ Forster (Break it Off), Alla-g James (Who Dead Bury), Recardo ‘R3cka’ Wilson (Cyar Tired), Derron ‘Full Clip’ Dennie (Pass Out), Roland ‘Pressure’ Peter (Tsunami), and Fabulous T (Socaring it).

The possibility of a female monarch for the first time has not been taken off the table, thanks to the highly popular songs and performances by Tamisha Nichols (Bounce) and Lornette ‘Fire Empress Nedd (No Money No Wuk);

The other females in the finals, Primadonna Bascombe (Victory), and Tisa Providence (Carnival Time), are themselves no strangers to the stage.

The attendance at the Victoria Park is also expected to exceed previous turnouts, and the energy from local and visiting fans is expected to set the tone for what may possibly go down as a night in carnival history.

There may not be a consensus on who will take the title at this year’s competition, but as one of the pundits claims, one thing is certain: seeing that its ‘Carnival Time’, you don’t have to be a ‘Delinquent’ to ‘Play Yourself’ on the ‘Soca Battlefield’, despite ‘No Money No Wuk’.

No one will ‘Pass Out’ because they ‘Cyar Tired’ after being ‘Charged Up’ and ‘This Is How’ they will ‘Bounce’ to the ‘Victory’.

There is expected to be ‘Saltfish’ in the ‘Tsunami’ that will pass through Victoria Park on Saturday night, so ‘Who Dead Bury’ as long as you don’t ‘Hut E Cut’ on the ‘King Road’.

As long as you do not ‘Break It Off’, everyone will be ‘Scoaring It’.