Local Vibes
June 18, 2010
Who will be crowned Miss Marriaqua 2010?

The Marriaqua Carnival Committee for 2010 is preparing for greater acclaim this year at the Rural Carnival level as they present a packed weekend of festivities in Marriaqua.{{more}}

This evening, Friday, June 18, at the La Croix Boxing Plant, six belles of the Valley will compete in the Miss Marriaqua Queen Show 2010. Lydia Balkara represents People’s Pharmacy, Sherrydan Doughty- Cato’s Heavy Equipment , Sheneka Bascombe – Reddog Garage, Shanda John – Rika’s Bar, Anna LaBorde – Fullworth Boutique, Shandeen Mack – Murray Heights Hotel.

A packed and exciting show awaits patrons. Guest Artistes include LIME Soca Dans, Skinny Fabulous, Kevin Lyttle and Scarpyon.

Immediately following the show is the after party featuring artistes such as the LIME Soca Dans, Skinny Fabulous, Kevin Lyttle, Alla-G, I-con, followed by the J’Ouvert from the La Croix Boxing Plant through the streets of the Marriaqua Valley. The J’Ouvert and street party is sponsored by one of our major sponsors, LIME. In the afternoon from 4:00, there will be the ultimate street party, with artistes like LIME Soca Dans, Skinny Fabulous, Problem Child, Alla-G, and many more.