Country & Western talent search this weekend!
Local Vibes
April 30, 2010
Country & Western talent search this weekend!

Lovers of Country and Western music, young and old, are being invited to test their singing skills when the Next Level Promotions Group holds its first ever Karaoke Idol Talent Search.{{more}}

The event is expected to take place in quarters, with the first ‘season’ set to begin this weekend, according to event planner for the group, Arden Tannis, as he spoke to Searchlight on Tuesday.

Tannis said that twelve persons will be selected at an audition which is scheduled to take place at the studios of Cross Country Radio station located at the Vigie Highway.

At a quarterfinal event on May 7, six persons will be eliminated from the original batch, with a further three to be cut on May 14, also at the Cross Country studio.

This will be followed by the Finals on May 21, when an Idol will be chosen for the season, at a special concert at the Peace Memorial Hall, which will feature Bequia Country and Western band, The Country Relatives.

Tannis, also the police Youth Co-ordinator of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force, said that the group is hoping to use the event as a means of getting more persons to enjoy an alternative to the popular music that is being aired, while unveiling local talent.

He indicated that the group is hoping that for other seasons, there will be some involvement of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Tourism, with the idea of a ‘Country Fest’ similar to the ‘Blues and Rhythm Fest’ somewhere on the horizon.

The Next Level Community Group has been involved in a number of community activities since its creation, including a number of cultural shows and the hosting of the Barrouallie Christmas Carolling Competition. (JJ)