Local Vibes
June 19, 2009
Hitz takes on Owen Ralph and the Professionals

Hitz 103.7, the platinum radio sponsor of Carnival, has now added ‘Owen Ralph & The Professionals Mas band to the Hitz family. The decision was taken last week after several discussions between Candice Sealey- Head of Sales & Marketing of the SVG Broadcasting Corporation and Verlene Ralph of Owen Ralph and the professionals.{{more}}

According to Candice Sealey, the band will now be called, Hitz 103.7 Owen Ralph and the Professionals, with its associated sponsors. According to Sealey, smaller bands are often neglected, while the emphasis is on the bigger bands. However, she added that “smaller bands become big bands through support from corporate citizens. Hitz 103.7 has now taken them onto their wings and as such they will now enjoy the benefits of being part of the Hitz 103.7 family”. She, however, appealed to other corporate entities to get on board and support mas bands, however small it maybe, since Mas reflects our culture and highlights the artistry and talents of our local people. She noted that if the smaller bands are not given support, it means they will eventually no longer partake in Mas which will not be good for the development of Carnival in SVG.

This year, the presentation is called ‘Tropical Splendour’ and includes sections such as Tropical Fruits, Tropical flowers, Tropical Sunset, Full Moon and Tropical Rainforest among others.

Hitz 103.7 now has three associated Mas Bands: Guiness Y De Lima Hitz Blondie Bird & Friends, Digicel Nelson Bloc in assoc. with HItz 103.7 & Hitz 103.7 Owen Ralph & the Professionals.

All the bands will also be part of the Obsession show slated for Monday, June 29th, at Victoria Park, where the sections of the bands will also compete.