Local Vibes
July 18, 2008
Mayreau stages mini canival

by Donald DeRiggs 18.JULY.08

Just as revelers on mainland St. Vincent were nursing sore muscles from Vincy Mas 2008, mas lovers on Mayreau were gearing up for what turned out to be a rain dance for that Grenadine island.{{more}}

Carnival activities on Mayreau began on Friday, July 11, with Comedy night and party, which went into J’Ouvert early Saturday morning.

On Saturday afternoon, July 12, the children took centre stage as they paraded and had their fun on the recently constructed hard court.

On the following day, the more mature revelers took to the streets at about 3:00 p.m. for a jump-up which also ended at the hard court with a party that went well into the night, with a welcome shower of rain bringing the curtains down on another small but very entertaining carnival.

The lone big costume titled “Star Ship – Infusion of colours” was portrayed by Cornell Frederick and accompanied by several young and not so young masqueraders, all having a great time.

Carnival in Mayreau is not sponsored but is organized by the Mayreau Regatta and Sport Committee.