Local Vibes
June 13, 2008
bMobile North Windward Carnival a big success


Rural Carnivals have been getting well deserved attention this year, and the North Windward Carnival Committee comes in for high praise for staging a massive J’Ouvert and street jump up in Georgetown on Saturday, 7th June.{{more}}

The bMobile sponsored events saw massive crowds jamming to the sounds of the Vincy Soca Dans, powered by the sounds of Exclusive Sounds. bMobile rags and whistles were seen and heard in abundance as the revelers had a ball on the streets of Georgetown. The afternoon jump up started in Georgetown and headed toward the Rabbacca Bridge, under the command of Luta, Fireman Hooper, Jelana, Tabia and DJ Tarrus. Thousands of revelers jumped and waved to the popular sounds of Luta’s “Muevete” and Fireman’s “Who e hutt e hutt”.

Head of Marketing Fitzgerald Huggins, who was present at the jump up, was extremely pleased with the turn out, stating “ the crowd was massive, the revellers had fun, the jump up was trouble free and we are pleased to be associated with sure a successful event. We look forward to working with the committee again next year”.

Quoting one reveler who seemingly had lots of fun, “this is the best jump up we had for years. Thank you bMobile”

Co-coordinator of Rural Carnivals, Ezzie Roberts, is very pleased to have bMobile on board in sponsoring rural five Carnivals namely P’tani Mas. North Windward, Calliaqua, North Leeward and Bequia. “bMobile is also a super platinum sponsor of Vincy Mas, and it pleases me to see bMobile spreading it wings to assist the grass roots organizations to build their festivals”, said Mr. Roberts.

The bMobile jump up brought the curtains down on the North Windward Carnival calendar which saw the queen show being staged on Friday night, with Miss Ernella Child representing Sandy Bay emerging as the winner.

This weekend, the excitement moves to Calliaqua on Friday night, where five contestants will vie for the coveted crown of Miss Calliaqua. Then on Saturday, the J’Ouvert and Street jump up will see revelers take the streets of Calliaqua. The curtains come down on Sunday with the Kiddies Carnival at the Calliaqua Playing Field.