Local Vibes
May 23, 2008
McMillan is Courts King of Comedy

From the moment he hit the stage, Shevrell McMillan seemed to be the audience’s clear-cut winner. From his knee-slapping jokes and amusing mannerisms, McMillan joked his way to the top to become the local winner in the 2008 Courts Comedy Competition Champion.{{more}}

Last Saturday evening, the Peace Memorial Hall erupted in thunderous laughter as seven competitors battled it out to reign supreme in the local leg of the Courts Comedy Competition. But before laughs, a moment of silence was observed for renowned comedian, the late Lucian “Sir Luche” Small.

McMillan collected a cheque valued at EC$2000 and will represent St Vincent and the Grenadines in the OECS finals on June 21st at the Aquatic Club. Placing second was Judy Jackson. Clement Fergus had to settle for the third position.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, the Brighton resident said that it was always his dream to do comedy, since he describes himself as an “entertainer for life.” “This is truly an experience that puts me on a high,” said McMillan. He also took the time to thank Courts for giving him the opportunity to showcase his talent and attributed much of his success from the support from his mother and close friends.

Despite the late start, the competition seemed to be a wrap by the time the first three comedians had taken the stage, as the other four failed to evoke even a giggle from the audience; what they did receive were boos and claps halfway through their routines.

In today’s world of environmental consciousness, it seems as though even jokes are being recycled, as you could hear the crowd even finishing some of the comedians’ jokes for them. Also leaving an unpleasant taste in the audience’s mouth were the lewd jokes that were dished out by some of the comedians, especially since several children were present at the packed venue.

Last year’s winner, Maurice “The Aquarian born” Horne, gave a good account of himself, dishing out jokes that revived the show to a large extent. As usual, the ladies men, Bomani and Skarpyon, wooed the crowd with their smooth moves and hit songs. Minister of Culture Rene Baptiste was also on hand to give brief remarks.

The other competitors were Palmore Wilson, Nickron Malcolm, Jonathon “Sarge” Nichols and Sylvia Williams.