Local Vibes
May 23, 2008
Dynamite Calypso Tent blasts off in New York

by Maxwell Haywood 23.MAY.08

New York-based Vincentian Dynamite Calypso Tent kicked off its carnival season last Friday night, May 16, 2008, at Café Omar in Brooklyn, New York.

The rainy weather conditions did not discourage the calypso fans who came out to enjoy a night of calypso and soca and to support the Tent.{{more}} MCs Bennett Straker and Soca Jones kept the crowd alive, and for the first time in the tent’s history, a poet named Michael “Juice” Alexander performed before an appreciative audience. Theophilus Homer also performed two reggae songs.

Thirteen calypsonians and soca artistes performed. Backed by the reliable Lambert and the Matadors band, the fans heard Pufty’s “Long to see town”, Coyaba’s “Too Big”, Josey Juan’s “Go out”, Cisco’s “Hold on”, Super Dex”s “No way out”, Striker’s “One shot”, Rejector’s “Sin”, D Truth’s “Patriotic Vincentian”, Groovy “D” “Championing ignorance”, Dennis Bowman’s “Country first”, Bob MC’s “Clock ticking”, Exposer’s “Find a new Venue”, and Fabulous T also performed.

Based on what the calypsonians presented, it is safe to say that social commentary calypso is still alive in the Dynamite’s tent.

The status quo came under heavy scrutiny from the calypsonians. Dennis Bowman’s performance and the content of his calypso grabbed the attention of the fans. And so, too, was Groovy D who was well attired in a black pin stripe suit, dark glasses, and white cap.

The fans gave a good reception to the resilient Rejector, who is rarely seen on stage in New York, but is now performing with the Dynamite Calypso Tent. He represented himself and the art form quite well. There were other noteworthy offerings from Super Dex, who is the leader of the Dynamite Tent; D Truth, who played horns for Exodus band years ago and has made his contributions over the past years in the calypso arena; and Cisco, who had a good season last year with the Dynamites Tent.

The calypsonians will face the CDC judges on June 6 in hopes of securing a place in the Semi-finals of the National Calypso Monarch competition in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. That night promises to be very interesting.

Noticeably missing in action were two outstanding practitioners of the calypso art form: D Man Age and I-Madd. D Man Age was present but did not perform, but will face the judges on June 6.

The hard hitting I-Madd has decided to boycott the competitive side of calypso this carnival season, but has produced songs for Carnival 2008. He also earlier this month put on a good performance when Vincy carnival was launched in New York.

The soca artistes also were out in action and represented well. The fans in New York are quite contented that Bob MC has lived up to his promise and potential and has increased the soca heat. His performance cemented him as an artiste with an extra unique creative soca style.

Fabulous T was in fine form and gave the fans an energetic performance. Striker, who won the Soca Devil Best New Song Trophy at the launching of the carnival season in New York, continued his good form as he belted out his “One shot” song. Pufty, who came all the way from Canada, warmed up the fans with one of the better stage performance of the night.

Grenadian Super P and Vincentian Curtis C were the featured guest artistes.