Local Vibes
May 16, 2008
Franklyn is the 2008 Miss SVG Teen

One look at the appreciable crowd that turned up – albeit, very late, and you would see that Miss SVG Teen show is developing into an important part of the carnival itinerary.

This same crowd, however, forgot that they were attending a teen competition. Loud boos and not the more appropriate applause and voices of encouragement echoed as some of the girls messed up their promotional speeches.{{more}}

And no, the boos did not come from the many teenagers there, it was the adults (seemingly only in age) who acted in a less than becoming manner.

But when all was said and done, the seven girls gave it their best shot, but it was 16-year-old Teranza Franklyn of the Petit Bordel Secondary School who stole the show with her consistency.

“I didn’t care about winning really. I just wanted to do my best,” the 5 ft 6 inch tall young beauty told SEARCHLIGHT after the show.

“I am very proud, especially for my school… now people will know my school,” added Franklyn, who is in the middle of preparations for her CSEC exams.

She is writing nine CSEC subjects, her first major hurdle in her quest to pursue a career in Accountancy or Information Technology.

Franklyn, who is very involved in her community’s adolescent group, and is a certified HIV peer educator, was also adjudged as having the best prom wear, while the best promotional speech award went to Faizah Miller of the Intermediate High School.

Miller, who also placed third, was on the ball as she spoke on Tourism promotion by the National Investment Promotion Incorporated. Second place went to Shafica Nanton (photo right above) of the Georgetown Secondary School, and Akeila Tash (left) of North Union Secondary blew the competition away in the cheerleading category.

The show also featured performances from soca artistes Tabia, Tortola’s Jalena, and reigning Soca Monarch, Fireman Hooper, along with costume displays from KFC SVG Players International and new mas band Adrenaline.

Dances by Extatic and Cross Over and an appearance by the Le Andre Models topped off the night.