Things heating up in Digicel Rising Star
Local Vibes
October 19, 2007

Things heating up in Digicel Rising Star

Telecommunications company Digicel continues to bring out the singing talents of the region through the Digicel Rising Stars competition.{{more}}

Using their Digicel handsets, fans voted and texted for their favourite top eight performers who were: Tarina Simon of Dominica, Thalia King- Antigua and Barbuda, Jeslyn Holder- SVG, Sharrie Jones- Grenada, Tasha Peltier- Dominica, Devon Flanders- Grenada, Naveecha James- SVG, Daina Barnes- Antigua & Barbuda, while the judges pick or “Wild Card” was Britney Mayers of Barbados, who was the ninth contestant.

Last Sunday’s show, which was dubbed “Move the Crowd”, was hosted by Belle Holder at the Party Stand in Barbados, where contestants performed upbeat songs which truly had the crowd rocking.

The two Vincentians in the Digicel Rising Stars competition: 16-year old Naveecha James, VOTING # 7803, who performed pop super star Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, and 31-year old Jeslyn Holder (right), VOTING # 7807, who sang reggae sensation Deville’s “I Can’t Get Over You”. Both gave creditable performances.

With your votes, these two Vincies could make it into the next round of the competition and could do a better job and make this country proud if the votes keep coming.

The winner of the 2007 Digicel Rising Stars competition will receive a top of the line Sony Ericsson phone, a Publishing Contract and US$10,000.