Simone Francis is queen of Marriaqua
Local Vibes
June 29, 2007
Simone Francis is queen of Marriaqua

Despite taking the awards for best evening gown, best swimsuit and most improved contestant, when Simone Francis was crowned Miss Marriaqua last Friday evening at the Cane End Playing Field, the crowd went into an uproar.{{more}}

With shouts of “No!”, one female patron threw her chair onto the stage, while many others walked out of the park shaking their heads in disgust and commenting on the injustice, all while Francis was being crowned.

Up to that point, the show had gone off without a hitch. The five young ladies, Melissa Richardson, La Fleur France, Donna Dickson, Garcia Charles and Simone Francis were poised and professional, no doubt the result of the countless hours of training.

Best talent went to crowd favourite Garcia Charles for her portrayal of a sprightly senior citizen; she also captured the best interview and the 1st runner-up position.

Melissa Richardson who serenaded the crowd with a rendition of Tanya Stephens’s hit ‘These Streets’ took the 2nd runner up spot.

Patrons were treated to the vocal styling of Skarpyon, Hottsand, Squitty, Ras Okra, Zoelah, Luta and Fireman who kept the crowd revved up before, during and after the beauty contest. (VM)