Local Vibes
June 1, 2007
Rural carnival, calypso tents in full swing

Following two successful shows of the Dynamites calypso tents over the last two weeks in New York, local calypsonians are finally having their opportunity to showcase their 2007 releases with the launching of the calypso tents here.{{more}}

Yesterday at the Victoria Park, the On Tour Calypso Tent, which boasts the reigning calypso monarch ‘I-Pa’ were scheduled to launch. Persons who missed the opportunity to hear the ten member group will have an opportunity to do so on Thursday June 7th. Their preliminary judging is scheduled for June 14th.

Meanwhile three tents are scheduled to launch next week; the Upstage Experience and its 15 man cast on June 4th, Graduates on June 5th, and the North/ South Leeward on June 6th. All shows will take place at the Victoria Park.

President of the Calypsonian Association Hassan Kennedy praised this year’s efforts by calypsonians, saying that a very high standard has been set by the performers, and reminded those at Tuesday’s CDC press Conference that “Vincy music is riding high and cannot be reached.”

He also reminded patrons to turn out in support of the artistes and the art form.

Meanwhile the rural carnivals are said to be in full swing, according to the head of the rural carnival committee Ikamola Laborde.

Laborde informed those present at the CDC’s office at Victoria Park that a number of communities have already held carnival festivities others were slated to take place soon.

These include the North Windward carnival which launched last weekend, and the South Leeward, Barrouallie and Marriaqua festivals which are slated to kick off on June 23rd. The Bequia carnival is scheduled to be held on June 24th.

Laborde also urged person to support the rural activities, and commended the hard working committees who attended workshops to make the rural festivities better.