Dynamites Calypso Tent launches in New York
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May 25, 2007
Dynamites Calypso Tent launches in New York

by Nelson King in New York 25.MAY.07

Dynamite Calypso Tent, the lone Vincy calypso tent in North America, opened last Friday night, May 18, at Café Omar in Brooklyn.

Sixteen calypsonians from the tent are vying for a place in the semifinals in the Calypso competition in Vincy Mas.{{more}}

Those who appeared at the tent’s 2007 opening were: Seco, JC, Navel String, Pufty, Man Sick, Jose Juan, Detector, Bob MC, I-Madd, Drakie, Groovy D, Exposer, John Dougan, Mr. X and Lively.

Ainsley Duncan, the tent’s president, said Striker was a “no show,” though he is expected to participate, along with the other calypsonians, in the preliminary judging, by Carnival Development Committee officials, at the same venue on June 8.

Guest artistes at the opening event were: the “Rolls-Royce of Calypso,” Winston Soso; Ron Pompey; Lord Fish; and Grenadian Val Adams.