Artistes appeal for peaceful Carnival
Local Vibes
May 25, 2007
Artistes appeal for peaceful Carnival

They came with varying rhythms and music, unique performances, styles and dress, but all the artistes performing at the Carnival Development Corporation’s Super Jamz all night fete were singing the same tune when it comes to a violence free and peaceful carnival.{{more}}

An all local cast, featuring Aretha, Fireman Hooper, Zolah, Skinny Fabulous, Maddzart, Luta, Shaunelle (photo below), Icon and Skarpyon, appealed to the soca fans that turned out in their thousands, to refrain from violence and crime.

Referring to the surge of shootings, robberies and murders as senseless and “stupidness”, the performers, along with show host Khalil ‘the Groove Governor’ Cato called for peace and tolerance in the weeks leading up to, and during this country’s premier cultural festival, with hopes that the peace would continue after the carnival celebrations.

Meanwhile the Super Jamz all night fete, which was in its second year could be considered a more successful venture than the first time around.

A larger turnout assembled at the Chamber of Commerce Car Park, despite the absence of any overseas based acts and encouraged by the lower cost of admission.

Although fans were satisfied by the high energy performances, many were disappointed that more new songs were not forthcoming from acts such as Skarpyon, Luta and Fireman Hooper.

The highly anticipated soca clash between DJ crews Hyperactive and Mad Squad was won by the squad in the first round.

The next event on the CDC calendar is the Miss SVG pageant, which takes place on June 2nd at the Victoria Park.