Zoelah ‘Go Down Low’ for New Song – Soca title
Local Vibes
May 11, 2007
Zoelah ‘Go Down Low’ for New Song – Soca title

If Zoelah Boyde could be described in one word it would be zesty. The 22-year-old Campden Park lass beat five other contenders to clinch the Best New Song – Soca title at last Saturday’s Carnival Launching at the Chamber of Commerce’s car park.{{more}}

Appearing at number two, Boyde had the crowd pumped and the judges sold with her energetic performance and seamless delivery.

The winning title “Go Down Low” was written by Boyde and arranged and produced by Alex “Kubiyashi” Barnwell, Boyde’s manager. Guitarist Zan George played on the track and it was recorded at Non Fiction Recordings.

Boyde told SEARCHLIGHT that she was not surprised to emerge on top as she came out to please the crowd and set the pace, even though this was her first entrance in the New Song Competition.

When asked about the title of her song, a chuckling Boyde responded “As a woman I want to be pleased.” The feisty singer has been in the business since she was 17 and has toured with the Band Signal as its front-woman. “In five years time I see myself doing my own show at Victoria Park and taking Soca music to a new level,” she said.