Six beauties up for Miss Garifuna Princess Crown
Local Vibes
March 23, 2007
Six beauties up for Miss Garifuna Princess Crown

by Dale Nero 23.MAR.07

This Saturday, the old Sandy Bay School will come alive from 8:30 p.m. with the staging of the Miss Garifuna Princess show.

The show is part of the second annual Joncannu festival being presented by the Chatoyer Youth Movement under the theme “Restoring our Culture, Celebrating our Heritage.”{{more}}

The six beautiful girls vying for the prestigious title are Rodencia Roberts – Miss Noel River; Nadia Lewis – Miss Comariabou; Damarlie Cyrus – Miss Cayo, Claudia Sutherland – Miss Rabacca Dry River; Lauren Laborde- Miss Caraw River; Janella Osment – Miss Kramacou River.

The Joncannu festival will continue until the end of March with the Garifuna Queen show slated for March 30th, and the Jouvert and Street Jump up on 31st March.