Toute Bagai at Mije
Local Vibes
February 9, 2007

Toute Bagai at Mije

The show held by Mije Personal Development and Advertising Agency last Saturday at the Cruise Ship Terminal was proof that the 12-year-old group is still one of the top agencies in the country.

The event, which was also done to raise awareness of violence against women, began with the junior models’ interpretation of peace. The youngsters wore white and carried purple ribbons, which symbolised the group’s support for the eradication of violence against women.{{more}}

As the show progressed, the tempo stepped up for the main theme of the night which was Toute Bagai which is patois for “All Kind of People.”

Indeed Mije did bring different models of various heights, shapes and sizes to the runway. This was well appreciated by the audience. Gorgeous maternity dresses were modeled as well as those for the plus sized. While the men in the audience got their “eye candy” from the ladies that were clad in bikinis, the ladies filled the show with screams as the male models graced the stage in sleepwear.

The event was so intense that not even the intermittent rain could hinder the show and the models displayed professionalism as they strutted their beach wear in the rain.

The theme of “All Kinds of People” lived up to its hype as former Miss SVG contestant Leslie Kirby surprised all as she hit the stage. Now a mother and not as slim as she used to be, she however looked as comfortable as she did in the ’80s and was really enjoying herself on stage.

The other big shocker to strut the catwalk was founder of the Mije Modeling Agency, Jean Johnny-Findlay who definitely “brought sexy back” with her confidence and poise. She stunned the patrons seated in the audience and those whom she trained backstage, and excitement bubbled over as the veteran returned to the stage.

Bold yet sophisticated creations from Guyanese designer Sonia Noel of Mariska had the audience applauding in appreciation, Barbadian designer Kinsgley Thorne with his men’s line had the gents looking sharp, while local designer Pamela Findlay showed her versatility to make from gowns to swimwear.

The beautiful accessories provided by the talented Alicia Simmons of Alicia’s Creations and Ingrid John of Natural Beats adorned the models and complemented the garments worn.